While SELLER'S FIRST CHOICE works for you, "the Seller", to secure top dollar. , our sister company LANGARD represents Buyers. Two companies with separate agents. You need not worry where our loyalties are, we are always on your side.

Agency disclosure: In January 1994, the new Agency disclosure law took effect. Real Estate agents must disclose to buyers and sellers whom they represent. Most real estate companies represent both buyers and sellers (many even in the same transaction). LANGARD (exclusive buyer agents) and SELLERS FIRST CHOICE (exclusive seller agents) have teamed up to offer buyer and seller representation in two separate companies. If you're selling, SELLERS FIRST CHOICE agents know how and specialize in marketing your home properly. If you're buying, LANGARD can represent you like no one else.

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As our television and print ads say, we can save the buyer money, in many cases thousands of dollars. We even had one client save an incredible $400,000 on the purchase price and in closing costs. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not. We'll show you that our buyer representation is the best way to buy. Most all agents practice buyer representation, but we do it exclusively, 100% of the time. The buyers are now asking specifically for a buyer's agent when purchasing. Today, most so called buyer's agents flip/flop between representing Buyers or Sellers, and they are still paid a flat percentage on each dollar you pay. Therefore, it is to their best interest to convince you to pay as high a price as possible. On the other hand, LANGARD agents are exclusive Buyer Agents and get compensated for getting the price down, NOT UP. We only represent buyers, period. Thus, the buyer is assured where the agent's loyalties are and the agent is always looking out for the best interests of the buyer.


Our average Broker has over 10 years experience.
Most of our agents are Brokers, trained in negotiation techniques.
All purchase agreements are written to represent Buyers (not Sellers) and are reviewed by an attorney, free of charge.
Computerized in-home (or office) color photo property presentations (very convenient and unique to our industry).
Extra discounts and performance incentives which in most cases, put cash in your pocket, as well as a lower price and reduced closing costs.

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