SELLERS FIRST CHOICE (S.F.C) REALTORS . . . is the only Real Estate company that represents the Seller exclusively, in every transaction.

Our listing agents show your home to all potential Buyers (excluding other Real Estate company's customers), similar to what commercial brokers do. The listor knows your home best and has a vested interest in selling your home. We have found that your home sells faster and for more money when the listor shows your home. Who else better to give the call on your home to, other than the listor.

The listor does not work with any Buyers other than Buyers that call us on your home, all other Buyers are referred to LANGARD. The listor only shows a customer your home, no others, and thus devotes 100% of his/her effort working to sell your home.

We feature the "Talking House Broadcaster" available on S.F.C. listed homes. This device allows customers to listen to highlights of your home on their car radio 24 hours a day. Nationally, this results in up to 5 times more calls, thus a faster sale. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer internet virtual tours of your home, as well as exposure on various internet sites.

We offer an "American Home Shield Warranty" free of charge, which covers your home both before and after the sale. National studies show your home is more saleable with a warranty.

We not only place your home in color on the Internet, but we offer free attorney review, color flyers, direct mail, T.V. and radio promotion . . . we do more than list, we market your home.

If you are thinking of selling your home, call us...
Exclusive Seller's Agent; exceptional, expert, personal service.

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